Services:"Its my job to understand what i can bring to the creative table that will be shared to your personal outlets, The content we create will be the results in value for all."



Always on an adventure, Meez is one of Bay Area’s well known photographers .  "As a Lifestyle photographer my focus is capturing the urban and street life of a location. These images highlight the subtleties of Street Culture, Landscapes , Lifestyle and Editorial.  "The diversity in my style and an audience that reaches locally and internationally". Meez understands the high quality engaging photo and video content for your digital platforms.



I am a Lifestyle photographer who focuses on capturing the urban and street life of a location. My images highlight the subtleties of Street Culture, Landscape attractions and the overall beauty of a scene.  My goal is to help you understand where i come from as well as fall in love with the locations I visit by sharing my vision and passion through my lens. I offer Street and Clean imagery with an abstract environment to my advertising, editorial and youthful clients.




Cinematography has been one of the creative mediums that has kept my mind expanding. Meez specializes in Documentaries, Experimental films, Weddings, Music Videos and Strong Marketing Content, while still striking the right emotional aspects to a visually engaging story. In order to create a great product, Meez offers a full production service along with Director Keoni Mars, from conceptualization all the way through to final film.


BlackScale x Reebok Shoot

BlackScale x Reebok Shoot

Creative + Marketing Consultation

As the founder of his own brand based in the Bay Area, Well known and fastest growing local community with international recognition and relationships. From Meez knowledge and international experience, he works closely with brands and agencies to improve the overall quality of visual strategies & content. Meez knowledge about instagram has put him as the leading mind in the Bay Area around the dynamic use of the platform. He specializes in building communities, creative consultation and the use of digital, photo, video and instagram to raise awareness for brands and businesses alike.



Meez has always had a passion for sharing knowledge and experience in many creative mediums, including Film, Photography, Resume Building, Business Approach, and Brand Building. Meez presents a freelance approach to workshops within the fields that he works, he has also experience in hands on creation courses. Some of his most popular workshops include, visual education, Instagram marketing & understanding, Photography, Film & Creative conceptualization.

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